A-solar Platinum Plus

A-solar is proud to announce the first solar charger using the high efficiency Intivation Sunboost3 smart cell. Using this new solar charging technique the Platinum Plus Charger will charge more than twice as fast, compared to an regular solar panel. The Sunboost3 Smart Cell will charge the battery 100-150% faster. Fifteen minutes of charging gives 20 minutes of talk time, 18 minutes of video or 23 minutes on the internet on your smartphone. The solar cells are equipped with MPPT (maximum power point tracking). So even when there is less sunlight available, the Platinum Plus charger will still charge. The Platinum Plus Charger has a powerful 2500mAh internal battery. The energy from the sunlight is stored in the internal battery. Whenever you need you can charge your mobile phone, navigation, e-book reader or MP3 player on the go. You can also recharge your tablet with the Platinum Plus charger because of it’s 1A output. The Platinum Plus charger comes with a complete set of connectors, integrated USB output, LED indicator for battery status and a free protective cover.
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