Advance Acoustic K 3 Piano Black / Piano White

The aim of the Kubik range of loudspeakers development is to provide to a large number of music lovers, quality in music reproduction but always with affordable prices.To reproduce music as truthfully as possible, respect the timbre of every instrument, every voice, to restore the dynamics entirely and realistic stereo image, our research was mainly centered on the most important points :1/ We developped a new range of high quality drivers2/ Cabinets are medite material and internal partitions insure perfect rigidity of vibrations.3/ The crossover optimization is the guarantee of a perfect musical coherence and homogeneity. The Kubik K3 is a bookshelf. Its small size enables it to fit easily into any room. Its performances are amazing. Its excellent rendering doesn't require the use of a high power amplifier to reproduce music with natural and refinement. Advance Acoustic's Designer Advice :The loudspeakers's performances are directly related to its coupling with the room's acoustics.The logical position is between 10/30 cm from the wall, and to focus them towards the listenning place in order to improve the sound levels reproduction. FREQUENCY RESPONSE (+/-3 DB ) 60 Hz - 23 kHz POWER IMPULSE 70 W CROSSOVER FREQUENCY 3 kHz CROSSOVER ATTENUATION 12 - 12 dB EFFICIENCY 89 dB IMPEDANCE 8 Ω IMPEDANCE MINI 6 Ω WOOFER 13 cm TWEETER 2,5 cm FINISH PIANO BLACK Or PIANO WHITE   DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) Cm 25 x 17 x 22,5 (25,2 with Connector)  
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