Advance Acoustic MAT 605

The tuner MAT 605 combines a superb presentation, with a perfect technical accuracy.The tuner MAT 605 provides an extensive and varied choice of programs, whether to listen attentively to a live concert or news or for background music. It will be an important source in your Hi-Fi audio system.The tuner MAT 605 is composed of an ultra rigid metal chassis. The "HF head", a fundamental element in any radio receiver, combines high-level sensitivity and selectivity. The toroidal transformer provides electrical power to the different circuits, which are all regulated and stabilized.  All components are sound-friendly and rather than linking the audio output to a single integrated circuit, we have developed an output preamplifier with tubes, which restitutes a unique harmonic richness. It brings major refinement to the various programs received.The tuner MAT 605 can be associated to the MDB 607, which picks up DAB  and DAB+ radio as well as the  Internet radio.A remote control device delivered with MAT 605 makes it easier to use. SENSITIVITY FM (Distortion 25 dB RDS (In 40 DBu - 8 Digits 7 Segment) YES DISTORTION (in 60dBu -1kHz) < 1 % S/N RATIO (1khz-98Mhz) 60 dB SENSITIVITY AM (Distortion<1%-1kHz/550kHz) 40 dBu S/N RATIO (in 60dBu - 1kHz - 30%) 45 dBu OUT LEVEL Unbal / Balanced FM : 0,6 V / 1,25 V - AM : 380 mV ANTENNA IMPEDANCE 75 - 300 Ω P.CONSUMPTION S.BY ON 1,5 W P.CONSUMPTION MAX < 30 W AC INPUT 115 - 230 V DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) Cm 12 x 44 x 33 NET WEIGHT/GROSS WEIGHT (Kg) 6,5 / 8,5 kg  
Azi 650,0 LEI
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