Advance Acoustic MDX 600

DAC DIGITAL TO ANALOGUE CONVERTERThe MDX 600 converter combines a superb presentation to perfect technical accuracy. In order to keep up with the development of digital sources, The MDX 600 converter is the ideal complement foryour High Fidelity system. Indeed, it can receive and improve 9 digital sources : 3 coaxials, 3 optics, 1AES/EBU,1 USB (B) for computer and 1 USB (A) for MP3. With MDX 600, nothing was left to chance, all the components are sound-friendly, it has a high power toroidaltransformer, its converter BURR BROWN PCM 1796 ensures outstanding performing ability, as well as a delicateand subtle rendering of your favorite music. In order to compensate musical losses of some Zip files ie MP3 files, the MDX 600 has 4 equalization curves :- A/ Bass- B/ Space-C/ Relief-D/ DetailA Direct path function permits to cancel these curves if you want to listen high quality CD or Lossless files.The MDX 600 is composed of a metal frame which reduces the risk of interference in the device.The MDX 600 has an unbalanced analog output (RCA), one balanced output (XLR) as well as two digitalOutputs : 1 optic and 1 coaxial to supply for example a CD burner, these outputs benefit of the equalization circuit. OUTPUT LEVEL (UNBAL-BAL) > 1,8 V FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20 Hz - 20kHz THD 1 KHz 0,0041% THD 20 KHz 0,0033% OUTPUT IMPEDANCE 10 kΩ S/N RATIO > 100 dB D/A CONVERTER BURR BROWN PCM 1796 16 - 24 bits x 192 kHz DIGITAL FILTER YAMAHA YSS 951-V ANALOG FILTER NEC NE 5532 TRANSFORMERS NUMBER 1 (TOROÏDAL) P.CONSUMPTION MAX 15 W USB B CONVERTER ASYNCHRONE SIZE (cm) (HxWxD) 7 x 43,5 x 29,5 NET WEIGHT/GROSS WEIGHT (Kg) 3,8 / 5,1  
Azi 390,0 LEI
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