Advance Acoustic MPP 506 DA

From Vinyl to PC, the  Advance Acoustic MPP506 DA runs all the sources ! The pre amplifier MPP506 DA has been carefully designed and built, as was meant to provide high musical performances to your amplifier.A new generation of bipolar power transistors enables the pre amplifier MPP506DA to bring about exceptional musical performance. This  type of assemblage  gives the output a natural softness which faithfully renders music in its finest details. On the other hand, the use of low noise resistors and polypropylene capacitors, as the power carried by its toroidal transformer guarantee high reliability. The numerous connection facilities of the MPP506 DA  enables the connection of seven analog inputs for CD, Balanced CD, Tuner, AUX, as well as a phono input for a turntable equipped with a moving magnetcartridge, or moving coil cartridge, as two  3.5 mm jack plugs for the analog inputs for i-Pod or a computer. The MPP506 DA preamplifier has  a dual converter oversampling 24 bits*384 kHz produced by « Analog Devices ». This converter can receive, select and continuously improve the performance of four musical digital audio sources 2 coax, 1 optical as one USB plug to read the audio files stotred on your computer, becoming a high level musical source. The MPP506DA  has also an amplifier for headphones (working in class A).MPP506DA has four output combinations. Depending on your amplifier, you can indeed use the unbalanced output  or either the balanced output. Two others outputs indicated « SUB OUT » and «  HIGH PASS OUT » associated with an active filter, allows the use of a subwoofer in bi-amplification. A remote control  delivered with MPP506DA makes it easier to use. The MPP506DA  linked to the MAA406 or the mono Blocks MAA706 , will bring high level performance. OUTPUT LEVEL (UNBAL-BAL) 0 - 2 V FREQUENCY RESPONSE (-3 DB ) 10 Hz -70 kHz DAC DIGITAL AUDIO CONVERTER 24 bits - 384 kHz USB FREQUENCY RESPONSE (48 KHz) 20 Hz - 20kHz USB FREQUENCY RESPONSE (44,1 KHz) 20 Hz - 20kHz S/N RATIO > 90 dB CHANNEL SEPARATION 90 dB INPUT IMPEDANCE 20 kΩ INPUT IMPEDANCE PHONO (MM/MC) 47 kΩ - 100 Ω AC INPUT 115 - 230 V P.CONSUMPTION STAND BY 0,7 W P.CONSUMPTION MAX < 40 W TRANSFORMERS NUMBER 1 + 1 (Stand By) DIMENSIONS (H X W X D) Cm 11 x 44 x 35 NET WEIGHT/GROSS WEIGHT (Kg) 6,6 / 8,1 kg  
Azi 850,0 LEI
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