Alpine CDA-9886M va ofera:Overview Marine Coating System Salt/Fog (ASTM B117) Certified UV(ASTM G154/D4329) Certified BioLite high-definition display Blue Illumination Rotary Encoder volume control Spanish language compatible Remote Control ready 24-Bit DSP with integrated DAC and 8x Oversampling 18W RMS/ 50W MAX x 4 Power Pack Ready – upgrade to full 45Wx4 RMS (coming soon) 3 Preouts (4 Volts) IMPRINT PXA-H100 ready with Dual Input Capability (available March 08) iPod Control SAT Radio ready HD Radio Ready with Multicasting Ready for Bluetooth wireless technology Ready for USB mass storage devices Ai-NET bus system allows connection to HD Radio w/Multicasting, Satellite Radio, CD Changer, and Aux Input (using the KCA-121B)Enjoy premium quality sound Alpine delivers with modern convenience and control. The CDA-9886M uses a cool blue illuminated, BioLite high definition display so you can view all your song information. The CDA-9886M is a robust head unit allowing you to connect to a wide array of digital media sources and formats, including HD Radio®, XM® or SIRIUS® satellite radio,Bluetooth Wireless Technology, USB mass storage devices and CD changers (Separate adapters and/or subscriptions required) The CDA-9886M will make all your sources sound great using its high quality 24-Bit DSP to make sure you get every musical detail from all your favorite digital media.IMPRINT SOUND & Highly Expandable IMPRINT PXA-H100 ready with Dual Input Capability (available Spring 08) Power Pack Ready - upgrade to full 45Wx4 RMS 4 Volt Pre-Outs for Front, Rear, and Subwoofer channels w/Subwoofer Level control High-Pass Crossover (selectable 80/120/160Hz) Bass Center Frequency control with Q, Treble Center Frequency controlStep up to IMPRINT Sound. The CDA-9886M is IMPRINT ready - Just add an IMPRINT PXA-H100 audio processor for automatic sound tuning or powerful manual tuning options. Precise control and corrections yield enhanced sound so you can enjoy an optimal listening experience. IMPRINT automatically measures the entire listening area, capturing time domain and frequency response information from each listening location to process and improve the sound. The CDA-9886M also has 4 Volt RCA PreOuts providing the lowest noise floor for the discriminating sound enthusiast. With Dual Input capability you can even use the CDA-9886M's built-in 18Wx4 RMS amplifier. Of course for a true power upgrade just add-on the KTP-445 Power Pack to instantly increase your head unit's power to a true 45Wx4 RMS, now we’re talking about some serious sound!Plug-in an iPod! Full Speed Connection for iPod using KCE-422i (*optional) Full Speed AUX input using KCE-236B Full Speed to mini-jack cable QuickSearch Percentage Search Percentage Search lets you navigate quickly through your iPod library to find the song you want with no waiting Advanced HMI using the Rotary Encoder knob and Percentage Search makes it easy to find all your iPod content fastFull Speed Connection for iPodConnect your iPod using the KCE-422i cable (optional), and you've got access to all your iPod music, right from your head unit. With Full Speed you get convenient control so you can scroll through all your Playlists, Artists, Albums, and Songs - and view all your song information right from the display on your head unit.QuickSearchTons of music? Find it fast! With Alpine's exclusive QuickSearch technology, you'll be able to find what you want, the quickest and easiest way possible. With so many ways to listen to thousands of songs, now you can get super-fast access to artists, songs, albums, playlists, and radio stations. Large control buttons and a rotary encoder make it easy to scroll through all your sources, including your iPod, Radio stations and CD's. No interruptions, while you search, just let the Alpine play.Percentage SearchFor especially big music libraries, Percentage Search function uses the preset buttons for quick jumps to specific parts of the list. Save yourself from scrolling through each song one by one, when you can just jump to a segment of your library with a touch of a button.
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