Alpine HCE-C500X5 va ofera:HCE-C500 - TOPVIEW® CAMERA SYSTEM FOR BMW X5 (2006-2009)Four cameras, on the front, rear and side mirrors, provide 360° coverage so you  have no blind spots. A processor combines the four images to give you a bird’s eye view around the vehicle; no more bumps or scratches, perfect parking every time. Only Alpine offers this type of system for the aftermarket.Installation Kit required (KIT-X5CCL or KIT-X5ICL)This view gives you a close-up to your front rims to prevent scratching them while parking.A 360° TOPVIEW with rear camera distance guides helps you park your car safely.Very useful in parking structures with many pillars and obstacles.FEATURESGeneral Featuring 8 viewing modes for reverse and forward parking, including TOPVIEW mode that displays the car from a bird’s eye view, allowing a 360° view around the car Includes 4 cameras and black-box Note: cameras are programmed for use with BMW X5 and will not work with other vehicle Control of the view settings by BMW´s iDrive
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