Alpine ICS-X7

ICS-X7 - App Link StationThe ICS-X7 is one of the world’s first mobile media products to take advantage of the MirrorLink™ standard, making it extremely convenient to use a MirrorLink™ enabled smartphone and its applications in your car. If you own a smartphone that is MirrorLink™ enabled, visit your phone manufacturer’s app store to download the needed software (additional charges may apply) and install it on your phone.Those great features make it the world’s most advanced mobile information and entertainment centre, with a brilliant interface optimised for smartphones and apps. From sound quality and media support to navigation, everything is first-rate. Since more and more users rely on their smartphone as the main entertainment device, the ICS-X7 does not feature a drive anymore. Navigation is part of the features which will be enabled when using a MirrorLink™ compatible phone, logically the connector for the standard navigation became obsolete.For the first time, Alpine offers a unit with support for Aha™ by HARMAN. Aha combines all things you need while driving in one smartphone app. It offers entertainment; location based information and even keeps you connected with your Facebook and Twitter feeds.As Aha is made to create the least driver distraction, therefore messages will be read out by a text-to-speech engine.The location based services are bundled in dedicated channels. Those are at present: Hotels, Hungry, and Weather. Once a channel is selected, information related to the present location is read out by a clear, easy to understand text-to-speech voice.On the entertainment side, there is a vast array of choices. Aha provides a choice of own music channels of different genres, news channels and podcasts of all kinds. Moreover SHOUTcast Radio is supported, offering thousands of free Internet radio stations from DJs and broadcasters around the world.If the user prefers a good book over music, audio books are also available. With the audio books and the Aha channels, the user has options like pause, resume, rewind 30 seconds and skip 15 seconds.Currently Aha is supported on iPhones. The app is available from the App Store free of charge. Whichever links and stations are created on the iPhone, the same choice will be immediately present on the screen of the ICS-X7.To keep you entertained in the future, the ICS-X7 will stay up to date with support for new phones and apps from the Alpine website.    What is MirrorLink™ ?MirrorLink™ is a recently introduced standard for connecting smartphone devices to vehicle-based infotainment systems. It is a cross-industry solution supported by leading automotive manufacturers, system suppliers, consumer electronics manufacturers and handset manufacturers as part of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC). MirrorLink™ offers seamless and convenient use of smartphone-based applications such as navigation, music playback and other entertainment and communication apps.The ICS-X7 even features MirrorMode for Nokia, allowing the user to fully access and use all applications of a MirrorLink™ enabled Nokia smartphone in the car.Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 DriveLinkIf you own a Samsung Galaxy S3, download DriveLink from either Samsung Apps or Google Play to use your Galaxy S3 with the ICS-X7. Navigation lets you use your Google maps based navi app on your ICS-X7, while the music app allows you to select and enjoy all you music stored on your phone through your car audio system. The telephone app lets you make hands-free calls and easily browse your phonebook - all via the ICS-X7’s high resolution touch screen. You can even display new messages and have the unit read them to you via text-to-speech technology. Select from many pre-set answers – such as “I am driving” or write your own answer on the ICS-X7’s on-screen keyboard.Add smartphone navigation to your ICS-X7If you own a MirrorLink™ enabled Nokia smartphone: Nokia Drive makes navigation free of charge, with always up-to-date maps and full touch control from the App Link Station. High-res maps are stored on the phone, eliminating data costs and the need for permanent connection. Advanced functions include online traffic information, destination search in online and offline modes, 3D views, music/video mute for voice announcements, menus and voice guidance in many languages.MirrorMode: Access all your phone apps on your ICS-X7MirrorMode allows you to access all your apps installed on your MirrorLink™ enabled Nokia smartphone from the ICS-X7: stay up-to-date with your social network and IMS sites, listen to internet radio through your car speakers, get informed about the weather, use location based services, browse the web, enjoy your photos, read your mails and SMS, and much, much more….For safety reasons, the ICS-X7 will allow the usage of these apps only while the parking brake is engaged.Customisable Interface for a New Dimension of UsabilityThe fully customisable home screen provides smartphone-level animatio
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