Alpine MRV-M500

MRV-M500 - MONO POWER AMPLIFIERTens of thousands have relied on V-Power amplifiers for dependable, quality power. Now in their fourth generation, V-Power amplifiers carry on this heritage and prove that playing strong never looked our sounded better. Yes, it is possible to improve upon a good thing.Overview Total Max Power: 1100 W 500W RMS x 1 (2Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) 300W RMS x 1 (4Ω, 14.4V, ≤1% THD+N) Same power in a 40% smaller chassis Evolution to Class D digital platform New snap-on terminal covers for easy installationProven PowerEach V-Power amplifier comes with its very own birth-sheet. V-Power amplifiers are tested and documented to show their true actual output.Raising the BarThe new V-Power products are now Class D digital amplifiers, resulting in a huge efficiency gain versus their predecessors without draining your battery or your pockets. Class-D provides continuous clean power to your speakers, operating at 80% efficiency far greater than conventional Class A or B amplifiers. Translation: Enjoy cleaner bass, even during extreme power demands.Big Power, Small PackageV-Power amplifiers are known for their compact size, but don’t underestimate their power capacity. Although they have a 40% smaller footprint than their predecessors, they produce the same amount of power as before. Get the power you need, even if you have limited installation space.Non Shut-Down DesignEven if you pound your music for a long time, these amps won’t shut down. They use a Thermal Management Processor to make sure the heat level never gets too high. No distortion, no interruptions!Dual Feedback ModulationDual internal error correction technology – which had previously only been available in the PDX and X-Power amplifiers, is now integrated in V-Power mono amplifiers. The audio input signal is analysed, compared, and corrected twice dynamically as the signal is processed through the amplifier. The result is amplifiers with the widest frequency response, higher damping factor, and lowest noise in its class.Exceptionally Simple Sound UpgradeThe V-Power's 4-channel speaker level inputs connect directly to any head unit, without the need for external converters. This makes the V-Power amplifiers ideal for upgrading factory and aftermarket systems. The flush mount controls make for easy installation. The terminal covers conveniently snap-on without the need for additional tools, to protect the wiring connections while creating a clean, finished appearance.Remote Bass Level AdjustmentThe MRV-M500 and MRV-M250 mono models are compatible with the RUX-KNOB remote bass knob (sold separately). Use the RUX-KNOB to conveniently adjust bass levels from your dash.FEATURESInstall Terminal Layout: Two-Sided Screw Mount / Wire Cover: Integrated Wire and Mounting Screw TerminalsGeneral Amplifier Type: Class-D (Digital) Channel Design: 1 Channel (Mono) Power Supply Design: DC-DC PWM Power Supply Power Supply: MOSFET Pre-Amp Stage: Discrete Final Outputs: Power MOSFET Crossover: Variable Lowpass Filter Gain Control: Continuously Adjustable Gain Control Bass EQ: Bass EQ Function Bass Control: Remote Bass Control (RUX-KNOB) Ready Remote Turn On: Remote Sensing Function (for Speaker Level Input) Low-impedance Possibility: Current Protection: Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage and Thermal Protection Board Circuitry: S.T.A.R. Circuit RCA Output: Non-Fading Pre-Amp Output (4 Volts) Speaker-Level Inputs: 4-channel Speaker Level Inputs Power Indicator: Top Mounted Blue LED Power Indicator Thermal Control: Multi-stage Power LimitsSPECIFICATIONSMax Power Output Ratings Total Max Power: 1100 WRMS Power Ratings Per channel into 4 Ohms: 300W RMS x 1 (14.4V at 10k ohms Frequency Response (+0, -3dB: 1W into 4 Ohms) for Subwoofer: 7 -400 Hz THD+N (10W into 4 Ohms): Ɔ.02 % THD+N (10W into 2 Ohms): Ɔ.03 % THD+N (Rated Power into 4 Ohms): Ɔ.2 % THD+N (Rated Power into 2 Ohms): Ɔ.3 % Damping Factor (10W into 4 Ohms at 100Hz): >750 Signal to Noise (1W into 4 Ohms): >85 dB Signal to Noise (Rated Power into 4 Ohms): >105 dB Preamp Output: 4.0V Max. Remote Level: -20 to 0 dB Weight: 1.8 kg
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    Alpine Amplificator Auto MRV-M500

    AMPLIFICATOR MONOTotal Max Power: 1100 W500W RMS x 1 (2, 14.4V, 1% THD+N)300W RMS x 1 (4, 14.4V, 1% THD+N)Same power in a 40% smaller chassisEvolution to Class D digital platformNew snap-on terminal covers for easy installation mai multe detalii aici
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    AMPLIFICATOR ALPINE MRV-M250: Amplificator:1 canalClasa: DPutere Nominala (RMS):1 x 150 W ( 4 ohmi )                                                                                                1 x 250 W ( 2 ohmi )Raport semnal/zgomot: >105 dBRaspuns in frecventa: 7 -400 HzDistorsiuni THD: <0,06 (la puterea maxima)Filtru Low Pass: 50 - 400Hz (-24dB/oct.)Filtru Subsonic: 5 - 30Hz (-24dB/oct.)Bass EQ 0 (fc=50Hz): 0 to +12dBSensibilitate intrare:100mv - 4VPornire Soft-StartIntrare semnal pentru difuzoareCrossover cu corectia frecventelor joaseConectori auriti pentru intrari, iesiri si difuzoareIndicator power : led albastruProtectie la supra-voltaj, scurt-circuit, inversarea polaritatii si supra-incalzireSigurante: 1 x 30ATelecomanda optionala: (RUX-KNOB)Greutate: 1,5 KgDimensiuni: 190 x 55 x 200 mm mai multe detalii aici
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  • Alpine Amplificator auto MRV-M500, mono, 1100W

    Alpine Amplificator auto MRV-M500, mono, 1100W

    Amplificator auto Alpine MRV-M500 , mono, 1100W Descriere speciala Amplificator mono subwoofer Filtru trece jos reglabil (50-400 Hz, 24 dB/octave) Bass boost reglabil (0-12 dB at 50 Hz) Caracteristici generale Clasa D Canale 1 Putere RMS 1x300W (la 4ohmi) 1x500W (la 2ohmi) Impedanta 2 ohmi Raspuns in frecventa 7-400 Hz Raport semnal-zgomot 85 dB Caracteristici speciale Dimensiuni 203 x 203x 50 mm Conectori RCA mai multe detalii aici
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