Alpine PXA-H800

Sound Tuning Graphic Equalizer: 31 Bands (Front, Rear, Center), 10 Bands (Subwoofer) Parametric Equalizer: 10 Bands (Front, Rear, Center), 5 Bands (Subwoofer) Crossover Adjustment : Highpass, Lowpass, Bandpass 8-channel Time Correction ImprintEQ with 3 preset and fully customizable target curves RoadEQ Auto Time Correction (Auto TCR) Dolby Digital Dolby Pro Logic II dts Digital Surround Bi-Phantom Function MediaXpander Plus Euphony AUX IN Gain Adjustment AUX Output Level Adjustment Navigation Voice Mix Level AdjustmentGeneral Ai-NET Connection Number of Input Channel: 6 (Analog - RCA or Speaker Level), 2 (Optical Digital), 2 (Ai-NET) Type of Analog Input: RCA (Speaker Line Connection Adapter Bundled) Type of Digital Input: TOSLINK Navigation Voice Guidance Input: RCA Input on Power Supply Connector Number of Output Channel: 8 (RCA Output) 24-bit Ultra High Performance DAC 24-bit ADC Twin 32-bit Floating-point Processing DSP Extremely Low Jitter Management Circuit 4V Preout S.T.A.R. Circuit High Grade Audio Component Adopted Gold-plated Terminals PC Control Possibility for Sound Tuning Functions (Software Bundled) Microphone Bundled USB Cable Bundled Ai-NET Connection Cable Bundled (5.5m)
Azi 2.649 LEI
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