Alpine Tuner TUE-M4ci

Alpine introduced a new model of digital TV tuner standard DVB-T. TUE-M4CI model allows you to receive the stream with an encoding MPEG4/MPEG2 with digital terrestrial TV transmitters.The new tuner will be a great source of entertainment for all the monitors and multimedia stations Alpine - INA-W910R, IVA-W520R, IVA-D511R/RB, IVA-D106R, IVA-D800RTME-S370, TME-M780, PKG-2100P and other models, in including earlier years of release. For the user will be important that when working with monitors alpine new tuner is controlled through the touch-screen monitor that is remote from the tuner you do not need to pick up.TUE-M4CI is a compact unit that can be covertly installed in any part of the car. Having two AV-input switching from the remote tuner allows you to use as a switch for connecting additional sources. In addition to the standard AV-out has an additional composite output Front Video - that is, the signal from the tuner can simultaneously watch monitor the front and back (for example, PKG-2100P). In addition, there are component and HDMI-video outputs, as the tuner supports not only standard but also in high definition. And finally, for deployed systems with a processor will be useful the presence of optical output.Availability of a remote IR receiver, remote control (included) and a choice of standard video output PAL/NTSC/SECAM allows TUE-M4CI virtually any system - as with monitors from other manufacturers as well as for integration with the regular systems of cars.Unlike most models on the market digital tuners more simple design, Alpine TUE-M4CI has a built-CI-slot for CAM module smart cards. This means that the tuner TUE-M4CI can receive not only free unencrypted channels (FTA), but the pay channels.The ethereal signal take two diversity antennas, it is recommended to choose a model KAE-205DV or KAE-210DV, depending on the type of installation. The unit provides power 5V DC antenna tuner and protection of power antenna.The tuner is designed for use in a vehicle meets all requirements of the temperature regime, moisture and vibration.The main technical characteristicsFrequency Range: 174 MHz - 230 MHz (band VHF III), 470 MHz - 862 MHz (UHF IV ranges and V)Transport Stream: MPEG-II (ISO/IEC13818) and MPEG4 Level Profile - H.264 L4.0AV-O 2 composite., 1 HDMI, 1 component. 2 AV-RCA outputsToslink optical outputAntenna connector: F-Type (2 pcs.)RS-232 and USB - to update Remote Control IncludedTouch control with Alpine monitorsCI-slot Supports EPG and subtitle (including in Russian)The output signal - PAL/SECAM/NTSC (switch on the body)Dimensions: 193 x 193 x 40 mm
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    Tuner Alpine: Tuner TV digital DVB-T : Meniu: "On Screen" in engleza, germana, franceza, spaniola, italiana Functie :"Auto Search" Functie: de cautare manuala Programe: 400 EPG/Tele Text Intrari pentru antene: 2 Intrari A/V 2 Iesiri video: 3 x RCA�� PAL/NTSC/SECAM Iesiri audio: 1 x RCA (stereo) Telecomanda inclusa Dimensiuni: 235 x 172 x 37 mm Greutate: 1.4 kg ANTENELE SUNT INCLUSE IN SET mai multe detalii aici
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