AQUASABI CO2 Bubble Counter cu valva

Made of high-quality glassThis Bubble counter enables you to easily monitor the amount of CO2 added to your tankCheck valve prevents the bubble counter from running emptyThe necessary suction cups are includedVisually very appealingJapanese style CO2 bubble counter with check valve. Both glassware articles are made of high-quality glass and serve for monitoring the CO2 supply.In an aquarium it is important to maintain optimal CO2 levels. Too much CO2 will result in a lowered pH value, which stresses the fish unnecessarily. Insufficient CO2, on the other hand, is bad for the plants.fill the bubble counter with wateruse tubing to connect the CO2 supplying system with the check valveconnect the check valve to the lower part of the bubble counter (the check valve should be rather close to the bubble counter)connect the outflow of the bubble counter with the CO2 diffuser or reactorInstallation orderCO2 Bottlesolenoid valve (if available)CO2 proof check valve (to protect the CO2 system)Glass check valveBubble counterDiffuser Length125 mmDiameter15 mm Glass Check Valve Length80 mm
Azi 54,00 LEI
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