Armasight Spark monocular night vision device, gen. CORE

Armasight SPARK is a night vision monocular that is based on the exclusive Armasight Core Technology of the image intensifier tube. CORE ��� image intensifier tube technology When using the CORE technology Armasight leads the 1st generation technology to a qualitatively new level. In contrast to image amplifier tubes of the first generation, which are made of glass and therefore are very fragile, the CORE ��� image intensifier tubes such as image amplifying tubes of the second and third generation are made. In CORE ��� image intensifier tubes formulated ceramic bond is used, which is fused to metal alloy. This makes the CORE ��� image intensifier tube robust, impact-resistant and perfect for use in hunting, security agencies or military. The CORE ��� technology ensures a better resolution, more than 50lp/mm up to 70lp/mm, higher sensitivity of the photocathode, more than 350��m/lm and an infinite signal to noise ratio, resulting in good image quality under low-light conditions generally. Everything that makes night vision devices with the ceramic image intensifier tube CORE a worthy rival of the second generation. Features Compact and robust design on optional head mount mountable for hands-free use Ergonomic, easy in operation controls CR123A lithium battery Suitable for use with camera Built-in IR brighteners Waterproof included a bag, lens cap, battery, instruction manual and warranty documents
Azi 1.760 -2.950 LEI

Prețul mediu 2.355

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