Ascendo Boxe System M-S

Technical FeaturesModular design: high-frequency-module, low-frequency-module, stand- time-alignment for the listeners position- mechanical and electrical decoupling of tweeter and woofer- mechanical decoupling between system and groundHigh-freqency unit with ribbon-tweeter:- perfect impulse response and extended dynamic range- wide directivity- impedance adjustable for damping factor of power ampLow-frequency unit:dynamic-current-damped woofer and semisymmetrical bandpass (S.A.S.B.-unit)- fast and synchronous rising edge of signal- resonance-free and homogeous spectral decay- very precise and fast reproduction of low-spectral signalsSelective crossover-network design- linear phase 18 dB design plus constant-voltage kernel- impedance adjustable for damping factor of power amp- tri-wiring and tri-amping possibilitiesUse of selected high-grade parts and loudspeakers- best impulse response and phase- no degradation of damping and performance of used power amps and electronics
Azi 189.000 LEI
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