Aston Viacces Professional Secure 8 CHANNELS TV/64 Pids

Highest decryption capacity on the market��� Descrambles up to 16 channels simultaneously.��� Descrambles up to 128 PIDs, including 64 encrypted.��� Stream rate: 96Mb/sec.��� Available in 8-channel, 12-channel and 16-channel versions. Secure CAM��� Compliant with operators' secure content delivery. Perfomance and reliability��� Ultra-fast start-up time (0.5 sec).��� I Dual Core 4Kec @ 300 MHz processor for maximum performance.��� Designed for intensive round-the-clock use.��� Highest performance satellite update on the market, with no service blackout during download (1) Menus available in 10 languages��� Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. Cost-effective solution��� Minimise the cost of your headend with the 16-channel CAM. Reduce the number of processing channels required for a complete installation. Renowned customer service��� Aston's dedicated technical support, renowned for its efficiency. 1) Subject to the update being transmitted on same frequency as the service being decoded. Re-boot post update incurs a maximum 3 second service blackout. {sexybookmark}
Azi 1.290 -1.600 LEI

Prețul mediu 1.445

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