BenQ Videoproiector MH741, Full HD

BenQ MH741 este cea mai bună alegere pentru prezentări reuşite în aproape orice scenariu. Dispunând de o luminozitate de 4000 ANSI lumeni și contrast ridicat de 10.000:1, acest proiector Full HD 1080p permite ajustare trapez 2D pe verticală și orizontală pentru ca prezentările să arate senzațional în orice situație!Cod producator: MH741
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    BenQ Videoproiector MH684, Full HD

    Proiectorul BenQ MH684 vă ajută să faceți o prezentare perfectă în orice situație. Cu o luminozitate de 3500 ANSI lumeni și un contrast înalt de 13000:1, acest proiector Full HD 1080p oferă corecție keystone 2D verticală și orizontală pentru prezentări excepționale în scenarii cât mai diverse. 2D Keystone 2D keystone correction enhances installation flexibility by correcting the trapezoid effect via horizontal and vertical adjustments up to ±30 degrees. With it, the projector can be placed off center and the presenter can stand in front of the screen without blocking the image. The projector can also be placed anywhere on a u-shaped tabletop without moving the table or putting a stand in the center. Corner Fit Corner fit is a flexible and convenient way to align the picture perfectly by adjusting each corner of an image independently. MHL Connectivity With MHL, you can present your business proposals and share your ideas instantly using your Android smart device. Turn small screen into big screen by mirroring documents, photos, videos and any other content in your smart device onto the projection screen. Once connected to the projector, the smart device will be electrically charged so you don’t run out of battery power while presenting. Power saving , Eco friendly World-Leading SmartEco Technology for a Greener Environment As the first DLP brand to incorporate Philips' ImageCare technology into its projector lamp system, BenQ has taken a further leap, developing its own SmartEco Technology to perfect what DLP can do for energy saving in the 21st century classroom. Built with this brand new invention, the MH684 brings together uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life through innovative features. Eco Blank Mode The Eco Blank mode allows teachers to blank the projection screen whenever they need to direct their students' focus back on them – or simply when the projector is not in use. When activated, this special feature dims the lamp power automatically, lowering the total power consumption by 70%. Full Power On 100%Lamp Power Attention on the Projection Screen Eco Blank Mode On 30% Lamp Power at the Lowest Attention on the Class Instructor SmartEco Mode The SmartEco Mode, which cleverly adjusts the lamp power to maximize power saving by delivering the best contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as needed. Normol Mode 310W Projector Power Comsumption by Average SmartEco Mode Enhanced Details in Darkened Scenes 250W Projector Power Comsumtion by Average Source:2010 Philips white paper No Source Detected Mode The automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is turned on for over three minutes without a display source, eliminating unnecessary energy waste and prolonging the life of the projector lamp. Source Detected 100% Lamp Power No Source Detected 30% Lamp Power 0.5W in Standby Mode When inactive, the MH684 keeps power consumption to a minimum with Built-in 10W Speaker Power The MH684 comes with enhanced audio support for your classroom, delivering crisp-clear audio performance with built-in 10W speaker power. Now, teachers can teach with ease and students can learn more effectively. Supports Various 3D Formats BenQ education projectors are standard-equipped with DLP Link™-supported 3D projection to offer students the same amazing 3D effects seen in 3D movies. The 3D formats supported by the MH684 are 3D field-sequential, 3D frame packing, 3D top-and-bottom and 3D side-by-side. Furthermore, this incredible projector can be connected to a Blu-ray DVD player for even more stunning visual quality. Closed Captioning Display subtitles in video content without the need for an external closed-captioning device with the MH684. It's perfect for viewing in educational settings such as language classes where a transcript of onscreen dialog is desirable. Thoughtful Teaching Template Design To make your teaching job easier, BenQ has added the teaching template function to the MH684. Now, with three different line pattern designs to choose from – Letter Formation, Worksheet and Coordinate Chart, you can easily write or draw on whiteboards as well as blackboards without the need of drawing lines or charts. BenQ DLP® Projectors Perfectly Long Lasting Picture Quality with DLP Projection Technology Digital Light Processing (DLP), awarded 2015 Academy Award of Merit (Oscar® statuette), is the leading projection technology used in 90% of world’s digital cinemas and 100% of IMAX theaters. With DLP dominating the worldwide projector market with over 50% share, BenQ is today the #1 bestselling DLP projector brand, delivering unmatched world-class performance. Long Lasting The incredibly durable micro-mirrors of the DLP chip and the nearly-sealed DLP engine design mean that BenQ DLP Projectors stand the test of time without any l mai multe detalii aici
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