Bianchi Lei 400

Bianchi Lei 400 este un aparat robust, fiabil si compact ce concureaza cu succes Saeco Cristallo 400, garantand reusita unui business in domeniul vending.
Azi 12.650 LEI
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    Bianchi Automat cafea si bauturi calde Lei 400

    LEI 400, automatic vending machine for hot and cold drinks with 400 cup capacity and 13 selection buttons of which two preselectionsfor sugar dosage.Equipped with: anti-vandal coin introduction and water filter head assembled as standard.For making maintenance operations easier, the boiler group is easily reachable and 2 mixers are extractable of which one isstandard for milk and chocolate and one is heated for instant coffee. Standard serpentine kit for tea on all versions.Cup dispenser adaptable to various diameters and spoon dispenser adjustable from 90 to 105 mm.Door lock with programmable code.Switching power supply that guarantees total stability of the instant product dose and complete electric safety protections.Standard multi-protocol electronics.LEI 400 can work in master/slave, with a sole payment system on the hot vending machine, together with BVM 676, refrigeratedautomatic spiral vending machine for the sale of snacks, cans and bottles, increasing selling opportunities and quality of theservice given to customers. mai multe detalii aici
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    12.690 ,00 LEI