Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Cinema Camera - Enthusiast Bundle

Creative Bundle is designed for students or independents searching for high quality production tools with very small budget.  Videoclips, movies or comercials at cinema quality level with Creative Bundle at 15 times lower price than competitors. Bonus DaVinci Resolve 9 full for windows and mac. Your imagination it's the only limit! RAW shooting at 2.5K with super speed lenses 1.5F stops. You can watch the differencies between DSLR and BMD Cinema Camera here The package it includes Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF Super speed 24mm/T1.5 Cine Lens - EF-Mount with geared, manual focus and aperture control rings, is optimized for digital cinematography. Designed with professional toothed rings compatible with geared follow-focus systems available in the film industry and toothed smoothly adjustable aperture ring. Blackmagic Cinema Camera Handles - Add optional handles for shooting in locations where you need to move around quickly with your camera. Handles let you steady your shot and keep up with the action! Bonus - Davinci Resolve 9 Full software for Mac and Windows, so you get more color correction features that let you take advantage of Blackmagic Cinema Camera���s amazing image quality. Shoot wide dynamic range images and then make color correction decisions in post production. You will never be limited creatively by your equipment because you have the same camera and color correction technology used by the world���s leading cinematographers! BMD Cinema Camera features 13 stops of dynamic range, 2.5K sensor, SSD recorder and touchscreen display The Blackmagic Cinema Camera from Blackmagic Design brings to film makers a tool that many have waited for. Recording to a 2.5K image sensor, the camera is capable of recording 12-bit RAW DNG files, as well as ProRes and DNxHD formats to built-in removable SSD drives (not included), while delivering 13 stops of dynamic range. And it does so at a previously unheard of price point. The camera is housed in an elegant, minimalist enclosure, crafted from a single block of aluminum. It can be used hand held or mounted on industry standard hardware. The lens mount accepts Canon EF and Zeiss ZE lenses, and the LCD touchscreen provides monitoring, plus the ability for the user to add metadata such as shot number, filenames and keywords. To handle the high data video output, the company includes a full version of DaVinci Resolve, its premier color correcting software for Mac and Windows. Also included is a copy of UltraScope. When connected to a computer via Thunderbolt, the software provides technically accurate waveform monitoring, displaying six live scope views on a single monitor. Since everything has been designed to provide high quality acquisition, the camera is perfect for independent film, television commercials and episodic television production, all places where image quality is paramount. And being affordable, it will also find its way into wedding, sporting event and music video capture. Dynamic Range Captures a super wide dynamic range of 13 stops into 12-bit DNG files for a true "filmic" look Preserves detail in both shadows and highlights, and even handles indoor shots while keeping the details of any images captured through windows Allows for keeping all sensor data and enhancing the creative decisions during DaVinci Resolve color grading EF Compatible Lens Mount Supports optics from leading lens crafters such as Canon, Zeiss and many more Compatible with EF and ZE mount lenses Allows full electronic control of the lens - simply point, set iris and focus on command Capacitive Touchscreen Display Five inch touchscreen allows for setting up a shot, as well as playback from the SSD using the transport control buttons below the screen Enter shot data and update the camera's settings using the capacitive touchscreen display Double tap to zoom the image for fast and accurate focus Data strip displays information including record status, shutter angle, ISO, battery level, record time and more Metadata Entry Features built-in metadata entry so that files include information compatible with popular editing software Dramatically speeds up the whole post production process Entering metadata is easy - simply tap the capacitive LCD touchscreen to display the slate where information can be entered including shot number, search tags, scene number, Timecode, and more Set shot number and other data to increment automatically Metadata is compatible with leading editing software and is fully searchable, bypassing the time consuming task of searching for specific shots when editing a project SSD Recorder Built-in SSD recorder uses low cost 2.5" SSDs Allows for 2.5K uncompressed CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit capture, as well as Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD compressed video formats Play back directly from the camera, mount the disk to any computer, or use Blackmagic Design's HyperDeck Studio deck
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