BlueFish444 Epoch Horizon Single channel

Bluefish444 Epoch Horizon - single channel with no jetstream or varivue A range of high quality 12 bit uncompressed SD/HD/2K SDI boards for Windows and Mac.  The cards support a wide range of applications that includes: Symmetry, Adobe Creative Suite 6, AVDI Media Composer 6,  Final Cut Pro 7, Combustion, Eyeon Fusion 6, Assimilate SCRATCH 7 What is different about Bluefish444 to other video card vendors is HOW we process SDI video. High quality acquisition from an expensive post camera, deserves a corresponding high quality video processing card to maintain the quality through the post workflow to master. The Bluefish444 video card acts as insurance to protect the original quality acquired by the camera. Broadcast Engineering Redefined Let���s face it, ���broadcast quality��� 10 years ago is much like comparing VHS is to Blu-ray today! Everyone���s quick to spruik their product as being ���broadcast quality��� but with the advent of 3G-SDI, 12bit video processing and Stereoscopic 3D capability, Bluefish444���s new Epoch truly delivers what others just talk about. The quality & flexibility of our scalers is unsurpassed! Epoch���s 4 lane PCI-e cards have a maximum bandwidth of 1.1GB/s delivering full duplex DMA. Add to that the precision of our hardware based Color Space Conversion, 2K video resolution and our proprietary RapidFlow+MR2 technology, it���s no wonder we���re the Professionals��� Choice! Extreme Reliability 1000���s of customers attest to using our products in ���mission critical��� environments such as digital intermediary post and live broadcast where they���re running 24/7. Our engineering, know how and products are backed by a three year warranty. Flexibility of our hardware From MR2���s routing architecture, to RapidFlow���s agnostic scaling and cross conversion options, our hardware upgrade path and the power to choose is yours for the taking. It���s a whole new ball game. A new Epoch if you will. Epoch video cards are our next generation, flagship High Definition and true 2K resolution capture and playback solution. The dual link, multi channel Epoch 2K range offer the best way to bring true film quality to the desktop and are the perfect choice for the demanding DI market. All boards include; Hardware overlay for internal keying Built-in safe area, safe title and letterbox generator. DPX, Cineon, TGA, AVI, Quicktime V210 support 8 channels of unbalanced AES 3ID BNC I/O Polyphase audio sample rate converters 16 channels of embedded audio per SDI Genlock direct show filters Symmetry software included 3 year warranty More information here
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