Camos Antenna CSA-1400P/CI-Receiver

Technical Data����� Frequency range: 10,7 to 12,75 GHz����� LNB-Type: universal����� Polarisation: horizontal and vertical����� Gain: 33dBi����� Elevation: 17�� - 60������� Azimuth: 360�� endless����� Power supply: 12 - 24V����� Operating temperature: -22��C to +55��C����� Antenna cable HQ coax, length 10m����� Diameter: appr. 69,5cm����� Height: approx. 30cm (CSA-1300P)/ approx. 40cm (CSA-1400P)����� Weight (without control box): approx. 9kgReceiver:��� Digital Set Top Box for the reception of free (ie, unencrypted) television programs and, thanks to CI slot for pay-TV channel��� Blind Scan for finding all the channels on the satellite��� External IR receiver with 3 meter cable length��� External power connector for 12 Volt��� Power supply for 220 volts��� User friendly multilingual on-screen menu��� 4000 channel storage locations��� 1 SCART connection��� Scart-RCA adapter��� 4-digit LED display��� Software update via satellite and RS-232 interface��� D iSEqC 1.0, 1.2 and USALS compatible��� 8 favorite channel lists��� Fast Teletext with 800 page memory��� Optical Dolby Digital output. {sexybookmark}
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