Camos Antenna CSA-1400P

Even externally covered fully automatic mobile satellite antennas of the CSA-series on their special, compact design. The impact resistant and UV-resistant dome protects valuable electronics from all environmental influences like rain, sand and especially wind. Easy to use in the assembly and ease with which the antennas are suitable for buses, trucks, vans and especially mobile homes. �� The antennas need only one cable for antenna signal and power supply and are therefore easy to install. The antenna CSA-1400P has a large mirror, which allows the reception of weaker signals. Technical Data ��� Frequency range: 10,7 to 12,75 GHz ��� LNB-Type: universal ����� Polarisation: horizontal and vertical ����� Gain: 33dBi ����� Elevation: 17�� - 60�� ����� Azimuth: 360�� endless ����� Power supply: 12 - 24V ����� Operating temperature: -22��C to +55��C ����� Antenna cable HQ coax, length 10m ����� Diameter: appr. 69,5cm ����� Height: approx. 30cm (CSA-1300P)/ approx. 40cm (CSA-1400P) ����� Weight (without control box): approx. 9kg �� {sexybookmark}
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