Camos Antenna CSA-2400M/CI-Receiver

Description   To achieve the highest benefit from the CSA-2400M , it should be connected to a quick satellite receiver. Therefore we offer the CSA-2400M also in combination with our Blackbox CI. In the everyday use you will value the outstandig qualities of this device: The fast signal conditioning and the short switchover times at the program change. The sophisticated aerodynamic radome is of low height, and protects the sensitive electronics against weather influences. This version of satellite antenna does not only search and recognize the selected satellite, but also it automatically tracks the satellite in motion. The endless azimuth rangeh enables the antenna to absolve an unlimited number of rotations around its own axis, without getting tangled up.   SAT-dome: the extravagant dome protects the valuable interior from water, wind and other environmental influences . Only two cables.     Receiver: • Digital Set Top Box for the reception of free (ie, unencrypted) television programs and, thanks to CI slot for pay-TV channel   • Blind Scan for finding all the channels on the satellite   • External IR receiver with 3 meter cable length   • External power connector for 12 Volt   • Power supply for 220 volts   • User friendly multilingual on-screen menu   • 4000 channel storage locations   • 1 SCART connection   • Scart-RCA adapter   • 4-digit LED display   • Software update via satellite and RS-232 interface   • DiSEqC 1.0, 1.2 and USALS compatible   • 8 favorite channel lists   • Fast Teletext with 800 page memory • Optical Dolby Digital output.    Technical data • Mirror diameter 40 cm • Presets 4000   • Frequency range 10.7 - 12.75 GHz   • Other technical information Polarization: horizontal and vertical elevation (slope): 17 ° - 60 °, Azimuth (Suchwinkel): 360 ° endless, temperature range: -22 ° C to 55 ° C   • Power supply 10 - 30V / max. 27 W • Dim. (Ø x H) 69.5 cm x 40 cm • Weight 12.7 kg {sexybookmark}
Azi 12.226 LEI
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