Camos Antenna CSA-2400M

The CSA-2400M is a fully automatic, self tracking satellite dish.Fully automatic antenna for use while traveling in this variant, the antenna automatically directed not only within a very short time, but leads to only 40 cm high levels during the trip to exact. The advantage here is the Suchwinkel (azimuth) from 0 - infinity, ie the antenna can attend any number of complete revolutions without being attributed to. This is possible depending on the surrounding nature, an interruption reception. It is the mobile solution for digital satellite reception for all vehicles, especially for motor homes or business van. Easy to use, easy to install. Includes all necessary components. EquipmentThe extravagant dome protects the valuable interior from water, wind and other environmental influences. The self-aligning satellite antenna is suitable for the reception of TV, radio and data services. The antenna is directed automatically within 10 seconds min to max 2nd to the selected satellite (Astra 1 & 2, Eutelsat / Hotbird, Atlantic Bird 3, Hispasat and Sirius). Only two cables. Technical data ��� Mirror diameter 40 cm��� No presets����� Frequency range 10.7 - 12.75 GHz����� Other technical information Polarization: horizontal and vertical elevation (slope): 17 �� - 60 ��, Azimuth (Suchwinkel): 360 �� endless, temperature range: -22 �� C to 55 �� C��� Power supply 10 - 30V / max. 27 W ��� Dim. (�� x H) 69.5 cm x 40 cm ��� Weight 12.7 kg {sexybookmark}
Azi 11.805 LEI
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