Camos Antenna H10D Top

The Top Selfsat receives all current satellites such as Astra, Hotbird, Sirius, etc., and reached the cover of a 60 cm parabolic reflector.Precise coordinates for locating the satellite, which included a compass and the appropriate scaling make adjustment of the antenna for easy The new rotary unit can be mounted anywhere on the caravan roof, no bulky mast interfere in the interior.The internal space-saving handle allows to adjust both azimuth and elevation of seconds. The rotary unit is suitable for any roof strength and is (folded), only 12 cm high. Selfsat flat antenna receives all principal satellites like Astra, Hotbird, Sirius etc. and covers reception like a 60 cm parabola antenna! Supplied compass and easy to read disc scale makes sure that the elevation and azimuth are all conveniently controlled.So you can relax and enjoy television.Technical data: ��� Input frequency: 10.7 - 12.75 GHz ��� Polarization: Dual Linear (horizontal and vertical) ��� Antenna reception performance: 32.8 dBi at 12.75 GHz ��� LNB: 1 / 2 ��� LNB Output Frequency: 950 - 1950 / 1100 - 2150 MHz ��� L.O. Frequency: 9.75 / 10.6 GHz ��� Storage Temperature: -30 �� to +60 �� C ��� Operating temperature: -40 �� to +80 �� C {sexybookmark}
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