Camos Antenna H21 Top Plus

The earth is a sphere. This is nothing new, but very important to receive a satellite signal without interferences. The more you go to the east or west and leave the satellite position (e.g. Astra1: 19,2�� East), the more fails is the polarisation, because the LNB does not have the correct angle to the satellite. By turning the LNB this mistake can be corrected. Therefore a special turn mechanism and an exact scale are put on the TOP PLUS, which guarantees best satellite reception all over the satellite zone. The big sister of Camos-Top is better in receiption, because of the bigger size and the skew adjustment. Anyhow it's just 12cm high when it's stored. It also has a rotary unit and can be installed on every caravan roof as well. The internal, space-saving crank-handle allows to align antenna within a few seconds.�� ��� Frequency: 10,7 bis 12,75 GHz ��� Polarization: horizontal und vertical ��� Gain: 34,5dBi / 12,75 GHz ��� LNB: 1 Output changeable: H / Vli> ��� LNB Output frequency: 950 - 1.950 / 1.100 - 2.150 MHz ��� Temperature range: -30��C bis 60��C ��� Dimensions (WxHxD): 566 x 300 x 103 mm ��� Weight: 6,5kg; Antenna: 4,9kg; Cranc-Handle: 1,6kg {sexybookmark}
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