Dell Memorie server DDR3-1333, 4GB LV RDIMM Dual Rank

Dell 4GB Dual Rank LV RDIMM 1333MHz - Kit for PowerEdge Server Dual Socket Features & BenefitsDescription : Dual Rank LV RDIMM Speed : 1333 MHz Capacity : 4 GB OverviewIncreasing the memory of your system is one of the best ways to improve performance. Additional memory allows you to open more applications simultaneously while providing the power needed to make them run quickly. It enhances the performance of your system allowing you to work faster and reap improved performance of up-to-date applications and operating systems. Plug-in this 4 GB Memory Module from Dell™ and you will notice that everything starts working smoothly. This memory module is designed to work with Dell systems Highlights Adds up to 4 GB of memory Enhances the performance of your system Designed to work with Dell Systems Comaptible with: Select PowerEdge / PowerVault
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