Duolabs Diablo Cam 2 Twin 2x ISO card reader New Version

Diablo 2 Twin Cam Technical Data ISO 2x Card Reader New version Diablo 2 Twin Cam has 2 card reader for two standard cards. The Conax Cam is compatible across the Duocryptsystem. hardware:  • ARM7TDMI 50Mhz. * FPGA 100Mhz processing speed.  • RAM: Internal 16KB and External 1MB.  • ROM: 256KB Internal Flash and 4MB Data Flash.  • J-tag connection.2 Smartcard Readers ISO  • 2 Unique Serial Numbers internally lasered inside.  • Supports 3.3 and 5.0 Volts smart cards software: • PICO-OS operating system. • Internal data flash file system FAT 12th • Fully programmable by PCMCIA secure protocol. The big difference from the old Diablo CAM 2.3 is that almost everything has been doubled: • 1 MB of RAM instead of 512K • 4MB DataFlash • Most powerfull DVB Processor Xilinx 1200  {sexybookmark}
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