EMP-Centauri EMP - Centauri Multiswitch Profi Line 9in/20out

2-satellites (8 polarities) standalone multiswitches with an integrated power supply are designed for the distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals from 2-satellite position for up to 26 subscribers. Multiswitches are compatible with all satellite receivers, which support DiSEqC control system. They are suitable for both analog and digital reception. 9in/20out standalone multiswitch for distribution of 8 SAT IF signals including terrestrial for up to 20 users Advantages of Profi Class multiswitches• input attenuators at all inputs• configurable support for Quad LNBs• selectable active / passive processing of terrestrial band• 12V DC supply for terrestrial preamplifier• extended temperature range Specifications of MS9/20PIU-6 V10 Frequency range LNB inputs 950-2300 MHz Terr. input 5-862 MHz (passive) 40-862 MHz (active) Outputs 5-2300 MHz (passive) 40-2300 MHz (active) Control   DiSEqC 1.0 (2.0) commands Insertion loss Sat. 4 dB avg Terr. (passive) 24 dB avg Terr. (active) 7 dB avg Sat. inputs isolation Between V/H polarisations 20 dB min Between low/high bands 20 dB min Between sat. systems 25 dB min Maximum input level* Sat. 90 dBµV avg Terr. 110 dBµV avg (passive)90 dBµV avg (active) Maximum output level* Sat. 86 dBµV avg Terr. 86 dBµV avg (passive)83 dBµV avg (active) Power consumption From each receiver 50 mA (18 V) From internal power supply 3 W (passive)4.5 W (active) + LNB Dimensions (w,d,h)   47.0 x 15.2 x 8.7 cm(power cord length 130 cm) Temperature range   -30 ~ +70 °C  {sexybookmark}
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