Exterity AvediaStream c1101 chassis

AvediaStream c1101- Flexible, Scalable and Modular IPTV Solutions Portable chassis for a single hot-swap blade. Suitable for housing one TV gateway, SD or HD encoder blade. Exterity AvediaStream TVgateway, Transcoder and Encoder blades must be installed in one of three AvediaStream chassis (1, 3, or 10 slots), which are designed for a wide range of organisational needs and budgets. All chassis are hot-swap enabled to allow movement or replacement of blade without powering down the entire unit. This saves time, and, in multi-slot chassis, avoids disruption to other IPTV services currently operating. Features Houses one hot-swappable TV gateway, SD or HD encoder blade 1 x RJ45 Ethernet connector 1 x RJ45 connector for administration via RS232 serial interface External 110-240v (50Hz-60Hz) 50W power supply unit 44mm x 132mm x 274mm (1.7in x 5.2in x 10.79in)  
Azi 1.316 LEI
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