Exterity AvediaStream e3522 - HD PRO H.264 encoder

AvediaStream e3522 HD PRO H.264 encoder up to 1080i with scaling The AvediaStream e3522 encoder streams pre-recorded and live TV and Radio (news, sports, entertainment, educational) HD and SD channels over your existing network. It encodes and distributes content from sources such as DVD Players, set top boxes and digital cameras to an IP network. Additional benefits include: Easy Setup Hot swap module allows quick and non intrusive upgrade to existing installations 1080i, 720p, ED , SD or Sub SD Encoding and down-scaling Video input options: Composite or Component Audio Input Options: Unbalanced Stereo, Balanced Stereo or AES H.264 video encoding from devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes and digital cameras IR out for remote control of source device Embedded system for high reliability and low power consumption Specification Video encoding from devices such as Blu-ray players, set-top boxes and video cameras Single-channel HD component, SD component, and SD composite video input via BNC Supports up to HD H.264 High Profile Level 4.0 at 1080i resolution Encoding at up to 20Mbps     Balanced or unbalanced stereo or AES digital audio inputs View the AvediaStream e3522 Technical Specifications datasheet. * Requires chassis - AvediaStream c1101, AvediaStream c1103 or AvediaStream c1110
Azi 32.534 LEI
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