Gigaset Telefon DECT DA510 Black

Faster connections than ever with 10 direct call keys for 20 numbers Connect with even more of your contacts even faster with 10 direct keys for 20 numbers with the corded Gigaset DA510. Once you have programmed their numbers into the Gigaset DA510, your friends, family and business contacts are just one touch away.The electronic key lock prevents unauthorised dialling. Should you still wish a child for example to be able to call you while the phone is locked, simply program in a designated number and the any key alarm will let them contact you on that number. Two pre-programmed emergency numbers, 110 and 112 plus one of your choosing can be dialled at all times except when any key alarm is activated. Don’t want calls to certain numbers to be made? The call blocking feature allows you to block calls to certain numbers such as costly toll numbers. The Gigaset DA510 gives you a choice of 10 melodies and 4 volumes (as well as ringer off option), so you are certain to find a combination you like. The visual call notification function ensures you won’t miss calls even when the ringer is turned off. If you need a reliable, corded, desktop solution that lets you get in touch fast, then the Gigaset DA510 direct key phone is the one for you.Easy to use and multi-functionalThe Gigaset DA510 is both Pabx and PSTN compatible. This allows you to either connect straight to the public network, or hook the Gigaset DA510 up to an internal network of phones within the home or office. We could all do with more space, so the Gigaset DA510 is wall mountable should you choose, giving you back valuable desk room. As well as being hearing aid compatible the Gigaset DA510 also allows you to put callers on hold by pressing the mute key. Your contact will then hear a melody until you get back to them. Should you wish to modify the dialling method or flash time, these are also adjustable. Need to call back the last person dialled? Simply use the convenient last number redial function to get in contact with them again.Choose the Gigaset DA510 for the reliability and ease of use of a corded phone, combined with the convenience of numerous direct call keys and many other features. This product might not be available in your country. For detailed information, please consult your local retailer. Cod producator: S30054-S6530-R601
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  • Gigaset Telefon DECT A415 Black

    Gigaset Telefon DECT A415 Black

    Treat yourself to modern comfort When it comes to daily calls, ease of use is a top priority. Meet the Gigaset A415: a modern, super-comfortable cordless phone. Enjoy easy reading and navigation on the generous black-and-white display. Save up to 100 names and numbers in the convenient phonebook. Then savour long conversations in perfect sound quality. Phonebook for up to 100 names and numbers Programmable speed-dial shortcuts using keys 2-9 Day & night mode mutes handset ringer Anonymous call silencing Call lists with up to 25 missed calls, including caller ID and time Selectable ringtones (with 5 volume levels, mute and crescendo) Alarm clock with choice of ringtones and snooze function Easy navigation and legibility The Gigaset A415 cordless phone is designed for your comfort. Enjoy excellent legibility – even under poor lighting conditions – thanks to its illuminated 1.8-inch display with good contrast. A green, illuminated send (and hands-free) key makes for fumble-free calling, while a dedicated red LED shows whether messages have come in. Helping you stay in touch With space for up to 100 names and numbers in the phonebook, friends and family are just a few clicks away. Need to connect even faster? No problem – the Gigaset A415 landline telephone lets you program speed-dial shortcuts on keys 2 through 9. And thanks to caller ID and the missed call list, you’ll always know who wants to get in touch. Customised volumes and ringtones As unique as your surroundings – the Gigaset A415 analog telephone offers various sound profiles for perfect sound quality. Get the relaxation you deserve by selecting day/night mode that mutes the handset ringer, or simply silence all anonymous calls. You can also choose your favourite ringtone and volume ECO-DECT: Radiation free Energy-efficient power supply means that the Gigaset A415 is easier on the environment – and on your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to the base station depending on their distance apart. You can also decrease the transmitting power of the Gigaset A415’s base station by 80% – simply select ECO Mode. What’s more, radiation-free ECO Mode Plus switches off the transmitting power whenever your phone is in idle mode. Easy to reach wherever you are If it makes life easier to have a phone in every room, simply expand your Gigaset A415 by adding extra handsets. With the Gigaset A415H, you can extend your range of reception around the house and talk in brilliant sound quality everywhere you choose. The Gigaset A415 accommodates up to 4 handsets with ease. Go to extra handset Smartly-designed answering machine Stay in touch, no matter what: the Gigaset A415A with an integrated answering machine picks up whenever you can’t reach the phone. Up to 20 minutes of recording time let everyone share what’s on their minds. The handset features a new message signal, and you can listen to messages either on the handset or at the base station – your choice! Product with answering machine Cod producator: S30852-H2505-R601 mai multe detalii aici
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  • Gigaset Telefon Analogic DA610

    Gigaset Telefon Analogic DA610

    Gigaset DA610 (telefon analogic, sunet de calitate inalta, handsfree, afisaj alfanumeric, iluminat cu 2 linii, 14 digiti si 13 segmente, afisare: data si ora, durata apelului, CLIP, tasta redial, tasta mute, blocare electronica, 10 taste de apelare rapida, agenda telefonic pentru 50 intrari (max. 32 cifre si 14 caractere), lista ultimelor 50 apeluri pierdute, tasta cu LED pentru semnalizarea vizuala a apelurilor primite, functie de agenda -memorarea numarului in timpul convorbirii, volum reglabil, tasta recall cu 5 timpi de flash, culori disponibile: negru)Cu telefonul Gigaset DA610 efectuarea si preluarea apelurilor este foarte simpla. Functia handsfree permite libertatea de miscare, in timp ce functia de identificare a apelantului va permite aflarea persoanelor care va contacteaza. Pe ecranul telefonului Gigaset DA610 apare afisat oricand data si durata convorbirii.In agenda telefonica se pot inregistra pana la 50 de intrari, iar cu un singur clic veti putea apela pana la 10 numere rapide.Pentru apelurile primite, Gigaset DA610 va ofera posibilitatea de a alege din 10 tonuri de apel si 4 trepte de volum. Alternativ, puteti activa modul silentios atunci cand doriti putina liniste, iar apelurile intrate le veti putea vizualiza direct pe ecranul telefonului. O alta functie utila este posibilitatea de a desemna anumite contacte ca VIP-uri si posibilitatea de a le atribui un ton de apel unic si o notificare vizuala. Daca doriti, puteti seta telefonul sa sune doar atunci cand sunteti apelat de un contact VIP.Pentru a reapela foarte usor un numar, folositi functia de reapelare a ultimului numar pentru a intra in contact cu pana la 5 din numerele apelate de dumneavoastra. In plus, telefonul stocheaza o lista a ultimelor 50 de apeluri, astfel incat sa puteti verifica cu usurinta istoricul apelurilor, sa transferati usor numerele in agenda telefonica sau sa le reapelati.Alege Gigaset DA610, un telefon cu fir pentru convorbiri handsfree, cu identificare apelant si multe alte functii. Simplu si flexibilFiind usor de folosit si de instalat, telefonul Gigaset DA610 este extrem de versatil. Un beneficiu major al telefonului Gigaset DA610 este faptul ca telefonul nu are nevoie de o sursa de curent, puterea fiind livrata prin cablul de retea, oferind o mai mare flexibilitate. Fiind compatibil Pabx si PSTN va veti putea conecta fie la reteaua de telefonie fixa, fie la o retea interna la birou sau acasa.Daca doriti ca apelantul sa nu mai auda ceea ce spuneti veti putea apasa tasta mut, astfel incat acesta nu va mai auzi decat o melodie. Pentru utilizatorii cu probleme auditive, telefonul Gigaset DA610 este compatibil si cu un dispozitiv auditiv. Tasta de blocare automata va preveni apelarile neautorizate. Cu toate acestea, in caz de urgenta, tasta alarma va permite unui copil sa apeleze numarul de urgenta chiar si atunci cand telefonul este blocat.Telefonul Gigaset DA610 este alegerea perfecta atunci cand aveti nevoie de un telefon cu fir versatil si usor de folosit atat la birou cat si acasa. Convorbiri handsfree Identificare apelant 50 intrari in agenda telefonica Blocare tastatura automata; orice tasta alarma Blocare apel Apel VIP cu indicare vizuala si sonora Notificare apel: 10 tonuri de apel si 4 trepte volum; sonerie mod silentios; notificare vizuala apel Compatibil Pabx si PSTN Compatibil cu un dispozitiv auditiv Tasta mut cu melodie Functioneaza si fara a fi legat in permanenta la o sursa de curent Usor de instalat & operat Cod producator: S30350-S212-R601 mai multe detalii aici
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  • Gigaset Telefon fix DA510

    Gigaset Telefon fix DA510

    Gigaset DA510 Caracteristici: telefon analogic, sunet de calitate inalta, cu redial, tasta mute, blocare electronica, apel de urgenta, 10 taste cu 2 memorii fiecare (total 20 numere), tasta cu LED pentru controlul volumului in receptor si pentru semnalizarea vizual mai multe detalii aici
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  • Gigaset Telefon DECT A220 White

    Gigaset Telefon DECT A220 White

    The affordable handsfree enabled phone for comfortable calling. For a great-value phone with reliable functions and handsfree capability, discover the Gigaset A220. This cordless phone is enjoyable to handle, thanks to its user-friendly keys with sensitive pressure points. You can easily talk and multitask: simply press the illuminated handsfree key to begin talking via speakerphone. Setup is quick and easy with plug & play. The phone is pre-registered to the base station, making the Gigaset A220 ready to use straight out of the box. It offers 10 different polyphonic ringtones. You can also rest assured that the Gigaset A220 is an environmentally friendly choice in telephony, as it is equipped with Eco Mode Plus.Easy handling and talking freedomThe Gigaset A220 is designed to make calling as straightforward as possible. It is ready for use as soon as you take it home – simply plug & play. Dialling is a pleasure on the keys made with sensitive pressure points, and the illuminated, graphical display is easy to read and navigate. You can choose to talk handsfree at any point during a conversation. Simply press the easy-to-find, illuminated handsfree key to enjoy the flexibility of handsfree talking. With the long talk time of 18 hours, your conversations can last as long as you wish. You also have no need to worry about the battery life of the Gigaset A220, which boasts a long standby time of up to 200 hours.Number and information storageTake advantage of the Gigaset A220’s phonebook with up to 80 entries to keep your friends and family reachable within seconds. The call list with up to 35 entries logs the phone numbers of the 25 most recent incoming/missed calls and the 10 most recent outgoing calls. That way, you can continue conversations and return calls in just a few button clicks.Practical informationThe Gigaset A220 is a reliable device for the basic information you need throughout the day. Its caller ID2 function immediately informs you who is calling when the phone rings. The Gigaset A220 also indicates the date, call duration and features a convenient alarm function.ECO DECT: Pure energy savings and radiation-free1The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset A220 consumes less electricity3, so it’s kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. Furthermore, radiation-free4 ECO Mode Plus turns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby. The Gigaset A220: the reliable phone with a long talk time and handsfree functionality. This product might not be available in your country. For detailed information, please consult your local retailer. 1 The DECT transmitting power is switched off when handset is in idle mode – when all registered handsets support ECO Mode Plus. 2 Dependent on country, network, provider 3 Compared to conventional Gigaset base stations 4 The DECT transmitting power is switched off for all registered handsets – when all support ECO Mode Plus. Cod producator: S30852-H2411-R602 mai multe detalii aici
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  • Gigaset Telefon fix DA510

    Gigaset Telefon fix DA510

    Gigaset DA510 Caracteristici: telefon analogic, sunet de calitate inalta, cu redial, tasta mute, blocare electronica, apel de urgenta, 10 taste cu 2 memorii fiecare (total 20 numere), tasta cu LED pentru controlul volumului in receptor si pentru semnalizarea vizual mai multe detalii aici
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