Gigglepin4x4 Troliu competitie: - GP83 cu 2 motoare BOW I de 5.6CP

Troliu Gigglepin4x4 - GP83 cu 2 motoare BOW I de 5.6CPThe GP83 is designed to provide ultimate performance, speed & power where it matters as well as offering bombproof reliability in the worlds toughest winch challenge competitions. The free spool system is air operated, we recommend using an ARB compressor as used with the ARB air lockers. The free spool disconnects the drum directly from the gearbox, which greatly reduces resistance for un-spooling cable allowing for fast & effective rigging. The gearbox meshes with the drum via 4 large dogteeth for an instant re-engagement. The winch drum is 76mm longer than a standard 8274 drum & features 6mm side plates & 10mm thickness 64mm diameter drum tube along with our innovative yet simple cable securing system. The winch features bumper 12 mounting points & 5 top housing mounting points.Key Features:2x Bow Motor 1 5.6HP (12V or 24V)2x Albright superduty solenoidsEN36 strengthaned internal gearsEN36 strengthaned mainshaftTwin motor EN36 strengthaned ratio'sAir opporated free spoolReduced diameter long or short drumOptions:Standard Ratio, +13%, +25%,+40%,+50% or +60%Long (+76mm) drum or standard length to orderBenefits of the GP81 free spool lower housing are:Superior material qualityBomb proof reliabilityAir free spoolUltimate performanceAdditional Mounting pointsAdditional rope storageMagnetic oil drain plugThe GP83 is supplied with Handbook/Owners manual, air tubing, air solenoid & switch.
Azi 19.840 LEI
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