Global Invacom Invacom GI FibreMDU Virtual Quad Converter

��� The FibreMDU Virtual quad, connects to a single fibre optic cable from a FibreMDU Optical LNB. This is done either through a network of passive optical splitters (PON) or directly from the LNB (with attenuation).��� The�� GI FibreMDU converters have been developed for use in conjunction with the GI Optical Output LNB either via a Passive Optical Network (PON) or direct connection to the GI Optical Output LNB, with attenuation.��� Each of the�� GI FibreMDU converters have been developed to replicate a specific type of LNB, Twin, Quad or Quattro providing signal output to the satellite receiver in exactly the same way as if it were connected directly to a standard universal LNB, negating any need for costly software development for either the broadcaster or the receiver manufacturer.��� Each of the GI FibreMDU Converters receives the optically modulated frequency stacked signals from the GI Optical Output LNB or PON typically via a 3mm fibre optic cable (GI 3.0 Steel Armoured Fibre) utilising the FC/PC connector.��� The optical signals are then converted back to their original IF format and output to the receiver via standard F connections making in home installations simple and trouble free. Both the Twin & Quad GI FibreMDU Converters are receiver powered enabling them to be located almost anywhere in the home. Specifications for Optical RF converter Invacom Quad��� At the conclusion Quattro unit is a multi-switch can be connected.��� The power supply of the final unit is via a separate 20V DC power supply. Specifications:��� Input Frequency: 0.95 - 5.45 GHz (stacked)��� Output frequency: 950 - 2150 MHz��� Input Connector: 1 x FC / PC��� Output Connections: 4 x F-Type (1 x VL, VH 1 x, 1 x ST, 1 x HH)��� Dimension: (L / W / H) 165mm / 155mm / 30mm {sexybookmark}
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