Global Invacom Invacom GI FibreMDU Virtual Quad Converter

• The FibreMDU Virtual quad, connects to a single fibre optic cable from a FibreMDU Optical LNB. This is done either through a network of passive optical splitters (PON) or directly from the LNB (with attenuation).• The  GI FibreMDU converters have been developed for use in conjunction with the GI Optical Output LNB either via a Passive Optical Network (PON) or direct connection to the GI Optical Output LNB, with attenuation.• Each of the  GI FibreMDU converters have been developed to replicate a specific type of LNB, Twin, Quad or Quattro providing signal output to the satellite receiver in exactly the same way as if it were connected directly to a standard universal LNB, negating any need for costly software development for either the broadcaster or the receiver manufacturer.• Each of the GI FibreMDU Converters receives the optically modulated frequency stacked signals from the GI Optical Output LNB or PON typically via a 3mm fibre optic cable (GI 3.0 Steel Armoured Fibre) utilising the FC/PC connector.• The optical signals are then converted back to their original IF format and output to the receiver via standard F connections making in home installations simple and trouble free. Both the Twin & Quad GI FibreMDU Converters are receiver powered enabling them to be located almost anywhere in the home. Specifications for Optical RF converter Invacom Quad• At the conclusion Quattro unit is a multi-switch can be connected.• The power supply of the final unit is via a separate 20V DC power supply. Specifications:• Input Frequency: 0.95 - 5.45 GHz (stacked)• Output frequency: 950 - 2150 MHz• Input Connector: 1 x FC / PC• Output Connections: 4 x F-Type (1 x VL, VH 1 x, 1 x ST, 1 x HH)• Dimension: (L / W / H) 165mm / 155mm / 30mm {sexybookmark}
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