Global Invacom Invacom GI FibreMDU Virtual Quatro Converter

��� The GI FibreMDU converters have been developed for use in conjunction with the GI Fibre MDU Optical Output LNB either via a Passive Optical Network (PON) or direct connection to the Optical LNB, with attenuation.��� Each of the GI FibreMDU converters have been developed to replicate a specific type of LNB, Twin, Quad or Quattro providing signal output to the satellite receiver in exactly the same way as if it were connected directly to a standard universal LNB negating any need for costly software development for either the broadcaster or the receiver manufacturer, all receiver configurations remain the same.��� Each of the GI FibreMDU Converters receives the optically modulated frequency stacked signals from the GI FibreMDU Optical Output LNB or PON typically via a 3mm fibre optic cable (GI 3.0 Steel Armoured Fibre) utilising the FC/PC connector.��� Unlike the Twin & Quad Converters the Quattro Outputs the IF signals on 4 fixed polarities making direct connection to Multiswitch systems simple, thus providing the installer with the ability to create almost any size hybrid network. ��� The GI FibreMDU Virtual quad, connects to a single fibre optic cable from a FibreMDU Optical LNB. This is done either through a network of passive optical splitters (PON) or directly from the LNB (with attenuation).��� Each Virtual Quatro provides 4 fixed feeds (VL -HL -VH -HH) ideal for multi-switches.��� Converts an optical signal from a Fibre Optic LNB to IF��� Supplies 4 fixed output Satellite feeds from a single fibre optic connection��� Plug & Play' technology��� Powered via a supplied PSU {sexybookmark}
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