Global Invacom Invacom LNB optical

• Invacom LNB with digital optical output• This high-quality universal LNB is the received satellite signals into digital light waves.• The transfer to the individual distributors and end components via fiber-optic cable.• Fiber-optic cable has virtually no damping.• Only about 0.3 dB on 1km!• This makes this LNB with optical output just for plants in which long pathways are present.• The LNB has an optical port (Type: FC / PC) and an F-connector.• About the F-connector, the LNB is powered by an external 12V power supply.• The AC adapter is included.• Via the optical output will be satellite transmitted every 4 levels.• The signals are stacked up here "and transmitted in a frequency of 950 MHz - 5450 MHz.• With the most modern laser technology that can single-frequency laser over long distances be transferred. The laser power is sufficient for a maximum allocation of up to 32 fiber optic cable. Specifications:• LNB Type: Universal digital LNB• Input Frequency Range: 10.70 - 12.75 GHz• Vertical low frequency range: 0.95 - 1.95 GHz• Vertical High Frequency: 1.95 - 3.00 GHz• Horizontal low-frequency range: 3.40 - 4.40 GHz• Horizontal High Frequency: 4.40 - 5.45 GHz• Wavelength of the optical unit: 1310 Nm• Optical output power: 7.0 dBμ• Noise figure: 0.5 dB• Conversion Gain: 72 dB• Power supply: 12 V via external power supply• Feedaufnahme: 40mm• Ambient temperature: -30 ° C to + 60 ° C• Local oscillator (L.O.) 9.75 GHz• L.O. Vertical frequency: 7.30 GHz• L.O. Horizontal frequency: Connections• Optical Output: FC / PC {sexybookmark}
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