Harman Kardon K518LE

LIMIT E D E DITIO N. UNLIMITE D CHOI CE . W ith its powerfu l sound, per fect  scre ening  and patented 3D axis  cap sulerotating  m echanism ,  the K 518 DJ will not just im press D Js. It  produ ces a ri c hsound even on po rtable MP 3 playe rs  -  and it folds up sm all e noug h to fi t in  anypocket. H ere’ s som ething  real ly spe ci al: now  you can choos e your own K 5 18.T he tried- and- tested DJ headph ones   are now available  in a lim it ed edit ion  in avariety  of fash ionable  colors.  T he sev en color ed m odels of  the K 518 Lim itedE dition (LE) are su re to m atch y our fa vorite  color  or you r party  outf it.  But hurry: b ecause th ese lim it ed edit i ons are real ly l im ited
Azi 56,00 LEI
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