Hauppauge Colossus - HD Video capture H.264

• Colossus is a High-Definition video recorder for making real-time H.264 compressed recordings at resolutions up to 1080i.  Colossus records component video (YCrCb) from cable TV and satellite set top boxes, with the IR blaster to automatically change TV channels for scheduled recordings. Audio is recorded using AAC or Dolby Digital.The recording format is AVCHD, which can be used to burn Blu-ray DVD disks. Two hours of HD recordings, recorded at 5 Mbits/sec, can be burnt onto a standard 4.7 GByte DVD-R or DVD-RW disk for playback on a Blu-ray DVD player.• Colossus's amazing recording quality allows personal archival of your favorite high definition TV programs from any component video HD set top box.  Colossus also has standard definition composite inputs so you can record your old home video tapes into an AVCHD format for creating Blu-ray DVD recordings.• Bundled software applications• Hauppauge’s WinTV v7 application, to schedule the recording of your TV and other video programs. ArcSoft ShowBiz, with these features:• Video capture for recording video game play• Authoring, trimming and burning your video recordings onto a Blu-ray compatible DVD disk• Upload videos to YouTube Video player for your PC, so you can play back your high definition Colossus video recordings onto your computer screen Included in this package• Colossus high definition H.264 video recorder, PCI Express (compatible with PCIe X1 slots)• Component video and stereo audio input and output A/V cable sets• IR Blaster receiver/transmitter cable• Hauppauge remote control for use with WinTV v7• Installation CD-ROM with WinTV v7 and the ArcSoft ShowBiz applications• Quick Installation GuideNote: HDMI video can be used to record video from non-encrypted sources such as the Xbox360 and Digital SLR cameras.{sexybookmark}
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