Heco Music Colors Stand 100

 Produs 2012 Stand pentru incintele Music Colors 100 Inaltime : 755 mm Dimensiuni baza : 240 x 280 mm (L x W) Dimensiuni placa montare : 115 x 175 mm (B x T) Culori : negru , argintiu Greutate : 3.7 kg
Azi 909,9 LEI
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  • Heco Standuri Boxe Music Colors Stand 100

    Heco Standuri Boxe Music Colors Stand 100

    Dimensiuni:H: 755 mm Base plate (LxW): 240 x 280 mm Mounting plate (BxT): 115 x 175 mmPret per pereche.Culori disponibile: Piano Black / Aluminium Black, Piano Silver / Aluminium Silver mai multe detalii aici
    784 ,90 LEI
  • Heco Boxe Music Colors 100 Piano White

    Heco Boxe Music Colors 100 Piano White

    Heco Music Colors - without compromiseMany music enthusiasts prefer compact speakers for aesthetic reasons. However, the majority of small speakers are designed to be used in free space within the room. When they are set up near to a rear wall on shelves or sideboards the sound can become blurred with little sense of a believable acoustic space being recreated and often with other less desirable room effects being added. These results are due to changes in the dispersion characteristics of a speaker system when used in a variety of different locations. Reflections from the edges and sides of nearby furniture can subdue or even boost parts of the speakers` frequency response.FEATURES SPEAKERS/SATELLITES/CENTER Solid MDF cabinet with high-gloss lacquering Tweeter with 1 soft dome and neodymium magnet systemWoofer-midrange optimized for broadband reproduction with light longiber cellulose cone, long-throw surround and 1 high-capacity voice coilKlippel optimized magnet systemElaborate crossover with high-quality componentsHigh-quality terminal with solid gold-plated screw connectorsDetachable cloth protection cover with magnetic fastening Resonance-damping rubber pucks and metal spikes (200) included MUSIC COLORS 100 Optimized for placement on bookshelves and sideboards Bass relex constructionSolid speaker stand Music Colors Stand 100 as optional accessory mai multe detalii aici
    1.064 ,00 LEI