Hertz DT 24.3

Caraudioshop.ro va ofera:Hertz 24.3The optimized structure of the neodymium tweeter offers high efficiency and linear, extended frequency response unheard of in this category. The DT 24 optimized geometry boasts an efficient, highly linear annular acoustic lens along with a PEI membrane, selected for its high stiffness and heat-resistance. These design solutions provide the best damping with a detailed, linear sound, even at high SPL levels. Its installation is universal thanks to the supplied brackets allowing both surface mount and flush mount applications.COMPONENTE : Dom de mylar, magnet neodiniumCrosovere incluse (DX100)DIAMETRU : 24mmPUTERE W : 80WIMPENDANTA : 4 ΩFRECVENTA :           3 ÷ 23kHzSENSIBILITATE :   94 dB/SPL
Azi 139,9 -159,9 LEI

Prețul mediu 149,9

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