Hertz HCX 690.4

Caraudioshop.ro va ofera:  Hertz HCX 690 Tremendous impact, rich and detailed sound, very high power handling and the ability to generate high SPL. Made with Damped Mesh Fibre woofer cone (a composite of damping materials and glass-fiber fabric) and Tetolon® soft dome tweeter, HCX 690 is capped by an exclusive supertweeter that, thanks to a soft Tetolon® dome and a high energy Neodymium magnet, extends the power bandwidth to 30kHz. Provided with the innovative Radial Venting System and the pure copper voice coil wound on a KSV former, it offers extraordinary performance for thermal and mechanical capability. Designed to be installed in narrow factory cut-outs or in the rear deck, HCX 690 coax ensures smooth frequency response on the whole audio range. COMPONENTE : 3 way Coaxial DIAMETRU : 152 x 228mm Woofer; 20mm Tweeter; 28mm Supertweeter PUTERE W : 260W Peak Power; 130W Continuos Power IMPENDANTA : 4 O FRECVENTA :            32 ÷ 23kHzSENSIBILITATE :   94 dB/SPL
Azi 1.080 -1.090 LEI

Prețul mediu 1.085

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  • Hertz Boxe Hi-Energy HCX 690.4

    Hertz Boxe Hi-Energy HCX 690.4

    Boxe Auto Coaxiale - Hertz Hi-Energy HCX 690: difuzoare coaxiale cu 3 caidimensiuni woofer: 15x23cm (6x9")putere RMS: 130Wputere Max: 260Wimpedanta: 4 ohmiraspuns in frecventa: 37Hz - 30KHzsensibilitate: 94dBdiametru tweeter: 25mmadancime instalare woofer: 85mmmagnet woofer: ferita de inalta densitatematerial con woofer: polipropilena mai multe detalii aici
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    1.080 ,00 LEI
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