Hertz HSK 163.4

Caraudioshop va ofera:Hertz HSK 163Three-way system deriving from the combination of HV 165L woofer, HL 70 full-range and HT 25 tweeter. The crossover, especially designed for it, has high quality components and provides optimised crossover points. The emission level can be adjusted according to personal taste and the vehicles acoustical signature, ensuring the best results in whatever car compartments. Two speakers with outstanding energy in minimum size, thanks to the Neodymium magnet; a compact tweeter and a rich set of accessories for factory location: HSK 163 is very versatile and can meet various needs. COMPONENTE : 3 way SystemDIAMETRU : 165mm Woofer; 70mm Midrange; 25mm TweeterPUTERE W : 300W Peak Power; 150W Continuos PowerIMPENDANTA : 4 OFRECVENTA :            40 ÷ 22kHzSENSIBILITATE :   92 dB/SPL
Azi 1.800 -1.810 LEI

Prețul mediu 1.805

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  • Hertz Boxe Hi-Energy HSK 163.4

    Hertz Boxe Hi-Energy HSK 163.4

    Boxe Auto Hertz Hi-Energy HSK 163:  sistem de difuzoare cu 3 componentediametru woofer: 165mmputere RMS: 150Wputere Max: 300Wimpedanta: 4 ohmiraspuns in frecventa: 40Hz - 22KHzsensibilitate: 92dBdiametru difuzor medii: 70mmdiametru tweeter: 25mmadancime instalare woofer: 69mmcrossover: 500Hz / 4.5KHz (6-12dB/oct)posibilitate reglaj tweeter si medii, in 3 pasi (din crossover) Garantie: 24 Luni   mai multe detalii aici
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    1.800 ,00 LEI
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