Hertz ML 280.2

 Caraudishop va ofera:Hertz ML 280 Dynamics, naturalness, high acoustic emission; the ML 280 is the answer for those who long for reproduction of the high frequency range without compromise. Extremely high output is combined with Hi-End sound quality. The ML 280 tweeter offers hi-tech solutions; optimized through the most innovative technologies, a refined selection of materials as well as a very high-quality production process. The Tetolon® Fiber dome features a hemispheric-hyperbolic profile, while the double REN® Neodymium motor assembly generates extraordinary magnetic flux density within the air gap. An advanced venting system, based on vent holes on the back plate, ensures dissipation of the heat generated inside the extra light CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil, wound on a Kapton ® former.  COMPONENTE : Neodymium REN Tweeter with Tetolon Dome and damping chamberDIAMETRU : 28mmPUTERE W : 180 W Hi-pass filtred 1.8kHz @ 12 dB OctIMPENDANTA : 4 ΩFRECVENA : 1.3k ÷ 25kHzSENSIBILITATE : 95 dB/SPL
Azi 899,9 LEI
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