Hertz ML 700.2

Caraudioshop va ofera: Hertz ML 700 ML 700 is a new cone midrange introduced to the Mille line; reproducing an extremely wide range of frequencies with absolutely remarkable acoustic emission. The ML 700 unique materials used in this remarkable driver are plain to: the pressed-pulp cone combined with cotton fibres, the Natural Butyl Rubber surround, the spider constructed from Nomex®, the CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminium Wire) voice coil wound on a Kapton® former. Additionally, the use of the advanced Klippel Scanning Vibrometer measurement instrument provided fine-tuning of the motor assembly to obtain a mid-frequency range with linearity and accuracy. The self-supporting basket and butyl rubber cover make the ML 700 a perfect and unique component both for two-way and three-way configurations. COMPONENTE : Neodymium RENMidrange with V-Clone DIAMETRU : 70mm  PUTERE W : 100 W Hi-pass filtred 250Hz @ 12 dB Oct  IMPENDANTA : 4 Ω  FRECVENTA :              200 ÷ 14kHz  SENSIBILITATE :  92dB/SPL 
Azi 989,9 LEI
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