Hertz MLCX 2 TM

Caraudioshop va ofera:Hertz MLCX 2 TMThe MLCX 2 TM is the passive crossover dedicated to filter Mille midrange and tweeter components in an Active/Passive multi-amplified three-way system. Being the best choice to enhance the natural qualities of the Mille components, the MLCX 2 TM also features a three position level control for the tweeter, providing the ability to fine-tune the transducer’s emission and achieve perfect acoustical results in any type of configuration. COMPONENTE : 2 way Mid-Hight Passive Crossover NetworkDIAMETRU : 150x283x43,5mmPUTERE W : 300W Peak Power; 150W Continuos PowerCOMPONENTE SPECIFICE :  Crossover 18/18 dB Oct.CROSSOVER :      Lo/Hi-pass; 4 kHz @ 18/18 dB OctCOMPONENTE REGLARE : Tx +2; 0; -2 dB
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