Hertz Woofer Auto HV 165.4L

Subwoofer auto de inalta fidelitate.Hertz este printre cei mai mari producatori de difuzoare auto; amplificatoare autoPentru detalii tehnice accesati rubrica Specificatii
Azi 650,0 LEI
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  • Hertz Woofer Auto MP 165.3 PRO

    Hertz Woofer Auto MP 165.3 PRO

    Thanks to the V-cone and Boundary Free Surround technologies the MP 165.3 car audio woofers boast outstanding dispersion features and generates high SPL with compact dimensions, ensuring a wide low frequency response, even in cars with no space for a subwoofer. mai multe detalii aici
    534 ,00 LEI
  • Hertz Woofer Auto MP 165P.3 PRO

    Hertz Woofer Auto MP 165P.3 PRO

    The MP 165P.3 car audio woofers electro-acoustic parameters have been forged to give it the pure and solid sound of an authentic mid-bass, designed for high dynamic systems. The voice coil with a generous 14 mm height, has a nominal 3impedance in addition to an increased power handling. These features provide the ability to maximally exploit the power of the Hertz HCP and HDP amplifiers as well as all the 2stable electronics. The ferrite 95 mm diameter magnet enables a +/-4.5 mm voice coil linear excursion, ensuring utmost control at all times. The Boundary Free Surround moves a bigger amount of air, and the V-cone profile improves the offaxis dispersion, the real in-car listening condition. The sophisticated aluminium alloy basket neutralizes the undesired vibrations. mai multe detalii aici
    629 ,00 LEI
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