Hustler & Dorcel TV ASTRA Viaccess

Hustler & Dorcel TV ASTRA 19.2 ° Viaccess cardWith this card you can receive Adult on Astra 19.2 °.Hustler TV, Dorcel TV last you is back! The Adult card for ASTRA!2 TV channels via Astra on a map Period 1 year!The card works in all Viaccess modules.Furthermore, in all receivers, where the above module is integrated.AB DEM27.08.13 be off the SD frequenciesthe card runs further, however, only to receive HD!The stations are as follows:• Dorcel TV / Adult approximately 6.00 bis 22.30 clock clock• Hustler TV / Erotic 24 hours NON STOP{sexybookmark}
Azi 270,1 LEI
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