Jaeger SuperJack HARL 3618+ Actuator

SuperJack III + Regular series actuator is low noise, high performance actuator for motorrized satellite antenna system. With different stroke of 18, 24 and 36 inch, SuperJack REGULAR  can be used to motorize satellite dishes sizing from 1.2 M to 3.6  M in diameter.   By Kaeger Industrial Co., Ltd's 15 years of experience on professional Motor/Gear box, SuperJack actuator can be guarantee your system much longer service life. FeaturesSuperior anti-rust process: Expoxy power coated steel tube and high grade plated hardware.Excellent water-proofing: Provide 2 seals and 3 drain holes. Optional weather protection boot and accordion:- AC-3: tube accordion- WB-D+: motor bootSuper Reed Sernsor: Ruthenium plated contacts ensures longer sensor life.Hermetically sealed in a clean atmosphere ti eliminate ill effects of dust, corrosion or oxidation. Andvanced design allows no opportunity for sticking, binding or wearing of hinged joints. Plastic impregnated for risk free installation and easy to replace. Technical Data• Temperature range: -30° C to +50° C• Load capability: 300 lb. rated (550 lb. dynamic/1000 lb. static)Sensor resolution:• Reed sensor: 48 pulses/in. standard (30 pulses/in. for 24" stroke length)• Optical sensor: 128 pulses/mm. standard (80 pulses/inch for 24" stroke length)• Model Designation {sexybookmark}
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