Kathrein MobiSet 2 CAP 600

Features:• Rotary unit with integrated control electronics, flat antenna BAS 60 and cable set• DVB-S receiver UFS 740sw for controlling the rotational unit (features and technical data, see UFS 740sw)• Ease of operation through user interface on screen display (OSD) of the receiver UFS 740sw• The entire turntable can be controlled via the receiver's remote• Automatic focus on other satellites for program change• Reduced number of cable (a coax cable and a power management) to simplify the installation• Flat antenna BAS 60 (features and technical data, see BAS 60), pre-assembled on the turntable• Automatic reduction (park position) at engine start• Emergency shutdown on overload• Software Update via receiver turntable• Small footprint when aligning• Maximum allowable vehicle speed: 130 km / h• Aerodynamic design of only 21-cm height (when lowered)Delivery:• Rotary unit complete with control electronics• Flat antenna BAS 60• Mounting plate• Mounting hardware implementation with a roof• Complete set of cables with 8-m-coax and 10-m-voltage power supply cable• DVB-S receiver UFS 740sw• Installation and Operating Instructions {sexybookmark}
Azi 9.303 LEI
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