Kathrein MobiSet 4 CAP 900

• Fully automatic digital TV reception • Turntable with integrated electronic controller, parabolic refl ector with twin LNB, GPS receiver and cabling • UFS 740sw DVB-S receiver for controlling the turntable • Large reception range due to high-gain parabolic refl ector • Twin LNB for connecting a second receiver (e.g. UFS 601si); the UFS 740sw still functioning as controller then • GPS receiver for quicker antenna alignment at a new location • Fully automatic polarisation adjustment (skew) of the LNB to optimise the reception in the fringes of the reception range • User friendly due to on-screen display (OSD) of the UFS 740sw receiver • The turntable can be controlled via the receiver remote control • Automatic alignment onto other satellites in case of channel changes • Easily serviced due to the cable disconnection box on the turntable • Easy to install as only a few cables are required • The antenna automatically lowers to parking position when the engine is started • Emergency stop in case of overload • Turntable software is updated via the receiver • Little space is required for antenna alignment • Vehicle Vmax.: 130 km/h • Aerodynamic construction with only 23 cm in height (when lowered) • e1-approval to the vehicle EMC guidelines Delivery scope: • Turntable complete with electronic controller, parabolic refl ector and twin LNB, mounting plate, fi xings with roof duct, complete set of cables, length 8 m (2 x coax and power cables), UFS 740sw DVB-S receiver, mounting and user guide {sexybookmark}
Azi 13.373 LEI
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