Kathrein ZAS 40

��� To mount parabolic antennas on rooftops��� T��V certifi ed for parabolic antennas with a diameter of up to 1 m��� ZAS 40 for one parabolic antenna��� Mounting directly from the outside or through the battens onto the rafter��� Flexible adaptation to the gaps between the rafters with telescopic pipe��� Continuously adjustable for any roof slope (limited only with cover plate)��� Cable is inserted through mast tip with ZTC 08 (included in delivery scope of ZTS 41)��� With earth screw, mast cap and 6 fi xing screws 10 x 100 mm��� Hot-dip galvanised��� Mast diameter(��): 48 mm ��� Mast length: 900 mm��� Gaps between rafters: 510-900 nm��� Roof slope:�� 0-90 ����� Frame dimensions approx.�� 580 to 980 x 148 x 40 mm��� Suitable for parabolic antennas CAS 60/75/90��� Appropriate mounting accessories ZTS 41 rafter bracket mounting set��� Allowable bending moment:�� 700 Nm�� �� {sexybookmark}
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